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De: Scott Balcom [mailto:sales@slackline.net] Enviado el: jueves, 23 de agosto de 2007 3:44Para: Alvaro FraduaAsunto: Re: Some questions about slackline aplication
Hi Alvaro,
This picture shows an A-frame, not a tripod. This is an A-frame that I made for myself. The top of the A-frame is attached to the slackline on one side and to the descending line on the other side. The descending line is adjustable and is tied to the ground with "J-stakes". J-stakes are 2' pieces of re-bar bent into a "J" shape and pounded into the ground with the hook end up. Four J-stakes are used in this setup and there are two runners that pair the J-stakes. The A-frame in this picture was difficult to make but it is easy to make an A-frame out of (2) 2-by-4's and a hardwood dowel. All of this is explained in detail with pictures in my book "Walk the Line, the Art of Balance and Craft of Slackline".
I hope this helps,
Scott Balcom

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